File Size:

We recommend that you do not resize your files. Simply send them as they are and we will resize your files as needed.

Color Correction is provided by an experienced technician that will view and correct your file by hand for color and density before printing.

File Preparation:

Accepted file formats are JPG, TIFF, and PNG, but JPG is preferred.

8-bit RGB files only
Embedded color space should be either sRGB or Adobe RGB.

Other color spaces can be embedded, but our processes may not be able to reproduce all the colors within larger gamuts, such as ProPhoto RGB.

If you are ordering multiple print sizes from the same image, only one copy of that image is required, so long as it is a sufficiently high resolution for the largest size you wish to order.

If you have done any retouching work on the image in Adobe Photoshop, make sure that all layers are merged and flattened before saving or exporting your final copy for printing.

File Formats:

  • 8 bits per channel
  • Baseline Standard encoding (Progressive encoding will cause problems with the image in ROES, and possibly in our system)
  • 8 bits per channel
  • 8 bits per channel
  • No layers
  • No alpha channels
  • Image Compression: NONE, LZW, or ZIP
  • Pixel Order: Interleaved

Recommended File Size

Digital Cameras measure their resolution in pixels. These pixels are NOT measured per inch but are a total count of how many pixels were used to capture the entire image. If you take a digital photo at 1600×1200 pixels, the total pixel count of the captured image will be 1,920,000 pixels. Whether you print this 1600×1200 image as an 8″x10″ photo or a 16″x20″ photo, the original file will still have 1,920,000 pixels.

Photos intended for print should be taken at the highest [pixel] resolution possible for the best print quality. Lower resolution photos printed at larger sizes may stretch the pixels beyond the point where they look clear and sharp however it is amazing how large you can print a small file that is sharp and properly exposed. View your files at 100% in an image application such as Photoshop, this will give you an excellent representation of how the file will print.

Print Size Minimum Image Resolution
Print Size Pixel Dimension @250 dpi File Size
@ 250 dpi
Minimum Pixel Size
to Yield Good Prints
Minimum File Size
to Yield Good Prints
4×6 1000×1500 4.29 Megs 200×300 1 Megs
5×7 1250×1750 6.26 250×350 1.75
8×10 2000×2500 14.4 400×500 3.5
8×12  2000×3000 17.2 550×700 4
11×14 2750×3500 26.6 700×1050 5
16×20 4000×5000 57.3 1200×1500 9
20×24 5000×6000 85.9 1300×1560 12
24×30 6000×7500 128.8 1550×1937 17.5
30×40 7500×10000 214.6 1625×2166 20

*File sizes are full image sizes not compressed jpeg size. In other words your jpeg size will be smaller than the file sizes listed above. To view and display the file sizes listed above, open the JPEG in an image application such as Photoshop to check the Image Size.